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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Call to Action on Behalf of Animals

As I write this, my crazy little cat Zahara (yes, celebrity gossip fans, her brother's name is Maddox) is sitting in my lap, purring.  Z and her brother were adopted from a shelter here in San Francisco 6 1/2 years ago as kittens.  As we know, not all animals are as fortunate as Maddox and Zahara--far too many never make it out of shelters and are euthanized. 

This is Zahara--she is so shy, she hid behind the window shade rather than be photographed--she is not a fan of the paparazzi!

Here in California, Governor Brown's FY 2012-13 proposed state budget includes a repeal of a 1998 bill which protects shelter animals and gives them a chance at adoption rather than being killed.  The Hayden Bill, named after then state senator Tom Hayden, requires that shelters must keep a lost or stray animal four to six days before an animal can be euthanized.  If a shelter opts for four days, it must have extended hours, including nights and weekends, to allow guardians time to locate and pick up their lost animals and also to increase the number of pet adoptions.

In an effort to save money, Governor Brown proposes that we go back to the dark days when animal rights were nearly non-existent, 1921 specifically, and reinstate a mere three day hold, without extended hours supported by the state, before an animal can be euthanized.  Is this really how we want to save money and attempt to balance a budget?  This is the best our lawmakers could do to save an alleged $23M? 

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of additional animals will be killed yearly if this proposed repeal occurs.  When we consider this impact, we must think not of these animals in the abstract, but rather as we do our own loved pets--because that is exactly what each shelter animal potentially is--someone's future family member.

I adopted Santino in 1991 from a shelter in San Francisco--I had him for almost 19 years!  Awesome cat and family member! 

In addition to impacting cats and dogs, this repeal will also eliminate protections for rabbits and other small animals, including the rights of rescue groups to save these animals.  This will lead to mass euthanasia of innocent, adoptable animals.  This repeal will also do away with much of the funding for necessary medical care for sick and injured animals.

As I've asked before, is this the type of society in which we desire to live--simply for tax cuts?

Fortunately, the public is fighting this draconian proposal: The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors unanimously issued a proclamation and statement to the Governor against the repeal; animal rights groups have come out strongly; and large and vocal grassroots efforts have formed. 

What You Can Do Today

California residents:  click here to sign a petition letting Governor Brown know you are against this repeal.  Sign this letter to state legislators urging them to reject this proposed repeal. 

Everyone across the country: (1) Call or email the Governor's office to let him know this is not the way to save money--give a voice to animals.  Trust me--politicians do listen to public outcry; (2) Reach out to animal rights groups nationwide to make sure they are fighting this repeal; and (3) If you are on Facebook, "like" Sutter's Friends to keep apprised of this issue and what you can do.

Give those without a voice one today!

As a follow up to the post on the abandoned pit bull I wrote about previously:  I've been trying to find out information on him,but to no avail.  I've stopped at the shelter and he is no longer there and he is not posted as being up for adoption at the various rescue groups--so I am going to take it as a sign that he's been adopted into a loving home (hopefully!).

As always, be well and thank you for reading!

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  1. What a great post--this is a terrific call to action on an important issue. Thanks, Tricia!